Manchester’s Cooper Hall in the Northern Quarter is leading switch from imported premium larger to a new wave of award-nominated Manchester crafted artisan lager.

The new beers are produced by Manchester Union Lager and brewed in Ardwick.  The brewery is the only dedicated craft lager brewery in the city and uses a rare-to-the-UK decoction mash technique which is utilised in traditional Czech breweries.

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Speaking about the switch, Simon Ching owner of Cooper Hall commented, “Selling an authentic beer like Pilsner Urquell was important to us because we aim to deliver the best beer experience we can, it was fresh from the brewery in Plzen within 2-3 days and was delivered un-pasteurised and full of flavour so we saw it as a better offering than all other lagers traditionally on offer to UK pubs and bars. I recently got to try Manchester Union lager at a bar launch and was blown away by not only the taste but the techniques they adopted. They brew in a similar way to Pilsner Urquell and because the beer is brewed 1 mile away instead of nearly 1000 miles away it’s the freshest lager we could hope to deliver to our customers.”

Jamie Scahill of Manchester Union added, “It’s not only our lager that is making waves locally: Cloudwater which is based around the corner from us was voted second best brewery in the world in 2017 and their Double IPA is known all over the globe. Manchester’s brewing scene is exploding right now and it’s really exciting and encouraging for us to see people like Simon having the courage to follow their belief and make the switch.”

Manchester Union Lager will be available at Cooper Hall from 4pm this Friday 23 August.

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