Bonny Doon will headline at YES Manchester’s Pink Room on Saturday in support of their latest album Let There Be Music, which landed in June.

The album marked the band’s first collection of new material since 2018’s Longwave.

The ten track album features the title track alongside lead single Naturally, which landed earlier this year.

Let There Be Music was put together despite a shift in location for some of the band members, from being a Detroit band to an outfit spread between California and Michigan and now Michigan and New York, but despite this there was plenty of back and forth collaboration.

Further obstacles came in the form of health issues for both Jake Kmiecik and Bobby Colombo.

But the creativity and desire remained, enhanced by a collaboration on Waxahatchee’s acclaimed album Saint Cloud, which only raised the ceiling on their imagination.

This lead to a first taste of the album in the form of Naturally.  It was a track which lead Bonny Doon’s Bill Lennox to explain, “Naturally is a song where the musical development really mirrored the lyrical content, specifically the idea of leaning into a situation and letting it develop organically, in this case that of a relationship.  The song began as a slow ballad and worked better as a more up-tempo thing, and a certain sentiment only made sense when translated to French. It speaks to those kind of unexpected surprises we encounter when we surrender to the flow of things.”

The jovial title track followed on shortly afterwards, giving a further glimpse of what would become a string of individual offerings of putting words to the ordinary experience of being alive.  An album full of truths; not afraid to embrace the difficult but also grasp the comforting.

When do Bonny Doon headline at YES Manchester?

Bonny Doon headline at YES Manchester on 21 October 2023

Image of Bonny Doon courtesy Trevor Naud