Charlotte Sands has shared her new single get over it which features on her upcoming debut album can we start over?.

The new releases comes in the middle of a breakthrough year for Charlotte Sands in which she has toured with 5 Seconds of Summer, scoped awards and confirmed the release of her debut album.

Charlotte Sands has now shared get over it, the second single from the upcoming album.

The track draws on nostalgic ‘90s-tinged alt-rock, blending this with emo-tinged lyrics.  She wrote it alongside producers Keith ‘Ten4’ Sorrells and Alex Nice as well as solo artist Jutes.  Speaking about the track, Charlotte Sands said, ““get over it” is a song about the inability to let go of someone even when you know it’s the right thing to do. We wrote it about the feeling of being drawn to someone after ending a relationship, almost like this undeniable magnetic pull towards each other, and how easy it is to convince yourself to fall for the deception of those past emotions and previous history.

“I wanted the song to feel upbeat and happy and reflect the moments where you’re allowing yourself to be delusional about a non-existent relationship with this person. There’s something about letting go of what you’re supposed to do and instead leaning into the chaos of the situation that I felt inspired by and also very much related to.”

Debut album can we start over? started to take form when she flew to Los Angeles in May for sessions with Jutes, Alex Nice and Keith Sorrells, quickly putting together a string of tracks.  Charlotte Sands will release her debut album can we start over? on 24 January 2024.

image of Charlotte Sands courtesy Dillon Jordan