Blu DeTiger has shared the second single from her upcoming debut album, Kiss, a song which puts firm emphasis on living in the moment.

The track is accompanied by an official video and features on her highly anticipated long-player All I Ever Want Is Everything which lands later this month.

Speaking about the track, Blu DeTiger explained, “Kiss is about seeing someone after a breakup, realizing why you were wrong for each other but wanting to feel that love again for one more night.  It’s about living in that moment. Maybe kissing that person will make me feel what I did back then. It was important to me to dial in the production for this song so that there only needed to be a few elements for it to feel full. I especially love the bass tone on this song. The envelope opening and closing feels like the push and pull of missing someone. It’s my favorite from the whole album.”

The accompanying video finds the pop artist and bassist playing her bass whilst setting a warm and soft mood for couples giving in to their chemistry.

The single follows on from her recently release single Dangerous Game.

Speaking about the album Blu DeTiger added, “This album is about really enjoying the high moments in life, but also learning how to talk yourself out of the low moments and become your own best friend.  I want to let people know that you can feel it all and do it all. Wherever you’re at is cool.”

image of Blu DeTiger courtesy Lucas Creighton