After making their highly anticipated return in August, Black Honey have now released new single Run For Cover.

The band launched back in to the music scene in August with Beaches, having spent most of 2020 locked-down like the rest of the world.  The track marked the next phases of Black Honey.

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Now the band return with new single Run For Cover, which premiered last night on Radio 1.  The track was written with Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr following their tour together and sees the charismatic Black Honey (fronted by Izzy B. Phillips) striking a swaggering, bass-heavy strut.

Speaking about writing the track, Izzy explained, “Run For Cover is about the nuances in sex. It’s fun but on a bit of a knife edge of risk and weird. Sex can be clumsy, emotional and complex. There’s so much baggage that it comes with. We wrote the song from a man’s perspective. It felt empowering to flip it to the female gaze. I think I’m exploring both power and my weakness in equal measure. We wanted it to sound manic – like Hives meets John Travolta, hips swinging. I love this song. I hope it makes women find themselves and dump their boyfriends.”

The single marks the latest in the build up towards the release of their next album.  Black Honey previously released their self title debut album in 2018.  You can catch our interview with Black Honey about their debut here.

Black Honey – image courtesy Laura Allard Fleischl