Another Sky have returned after a three-year absence with their new single Psychopath, marking a freshly evolved sound.

Psychopath is accompanied with an acoustic B-side, Watching Basinski, with both tracks recorded in their bedrooms during lockdown.  “Most of our upcoming music is pretty influenced by music from the late 90s and early 00s. So releasing an A-Side and B-Side felt like a good way of paying homage to the era we grew up in” says lead singer Catrin Vincent.

Speaking about the single itself, Catrin Vincent explains how she looked to capture innermost feelings.  “[The lyrics] reflect a really personal journey” adds Another Sky’s Catrin Vincent.  “I usually hate writing lyrics about myself, but during lockdown, it was the only thing I had to write about. I was so surprised to find multitudes of grief and sadness disguised as anger. Psychopath captures the angriest I’ve ever felt. For years, I felt like that rage could never be voiced.”

On the B-Side Catrin adds “Watching Basinski captures the grief that lies underneath that anger. That’s what our new music is trying to convey; the human journey from fear and anger through to love and acceptance.”

The band have filled their absence from with writing and producing new music as well as building a brand new studio from scratch in the crypt of a Church.