Alice Merton has shared her new single pick me up which features on her upcoming EP Heron.

Pick me up follows the success of Alice Merton’s recent track run away girl.  Both pick me up and run away girl will feature on Alice Merton’s EP Heron which lands on 12 April.

Alice Merton co-wrote and co-produced the track with Grammy-nominated Jonny Coffer.  The track marks a throwback to early 2000s pop whilst exploring friendships and support.  As she explains, “Sometimes relying on our own strength to help us get out of a rut isn’t enough, we need help from the outside: from our friends and family, people we love and trust. ‘pick me up’ talks about exactly that situation. Asking the question: if you can’t get up any more in the morning, will your friends still be by your side to help you out? Will they be the feet that drag you out of bed in the morning? Will they be the hands that feed you when you’ve lost your appetite for life? The paths laid out for us aren’t always easy, but it gives me relief to know that I have people by my side to help, and that I can be that person for someone else too.”

The single is accompanied by a self-directed video shot in South Africa.

Speaking about her upcoming EP, Alice Merton added, “When I first visited London, one of the first things I saw was a heron. I sat at the Barbican, in the middle of the night, and watched as these beautiful, majestic birds grazed in the water. It was around this time where I started writing again, not for a specific purpose but just writing about what was going on at the time. It was a new city, with new people and new impressions, and most importantly, it is the city I always dream of living in.

“I felt like herons symbolised the city and everything I felt perfectly –  a representation of self-reflection and transition. This past year has been one of the biggest transitions I have had in a very long time, but everywhere I went, I kept finding so much beauty and serenity in the strangest of places, and in the few special encounters I had the privilege of making.

“This inspired me to write and reflect on so many feelings I was going through, and instead of talking about them, I decided to just write them down in these songs.”

Collaborators on the Heron EP include James Dring (Lana Del Rey, Self Esteem), Nick Hahn (Sigrid, IVE), Tobias Kuhn (DYLAN, Milky Chance) and her long-term co-writer Paul Whalley (‘Charlie Brown’, ‘Waste My Life’).