Friday 20 November
Things That Move
10:30 – 12:00
£3 for one child and one adult

These popular creative activity sessions for under-6s feature puppets and storytelling to introduce the wonders of science to knee-high explorers and budding boffins. This month’s session explores light and colour.

Pi: Platform for Investigation
Saturday 7 November
Hard Feelings: the Science of Emotion
10.30 – 3.30
Recommended for ages 8 plus

It’s getting emotional at the Platform for Investigation as we investigate how sights and sounds can affect the way we perceive and express emotions.


Now Open – May 2016
1830 Warehouse
All Ages

See seas, oceans and tides celebrated in sculptural form by artist Tania Kovats. Winner of Cape Farewell’s James Lovelock Art Commission for 2015 and also a world premiere, Evaporation comprises a range of works including three large-scale metal bowls which reflect the shapes of the world’s oceans with their own salt water hydro-cycle. Also on display is one other of Kovat’s acclaimed work, All The Seas presenting water from all the world’s seas, collected with the help of a global network of people drawn in by the idea of bringing all the waters of the world to one place.

Cravings: Does Your Food Control You?
Now Open – September 2016
1830 Warehouse
Suitable for ages 11+

From flavours learned in the womb to experiences in adult life, appetites are shaped by food. Through personal stories, the smells of Manchester, fascinating objects and cutting-edge science, this colourful and tasty exhibition explores how food affects the body, brain and eating habits.


The Innovation Race: Manchester’s Makers Join the First World War
Running until April 2016
Station Building
Recommended for ages 9+

The Innovation Race: Manchester’s Makers Join the First World War features over 30 unique and original never before seen artefacts, images and documents to bring to life the largely untold stories of how Mancunian innovation helped to turn around the outcome of the First World War.  Tied in with the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Ministry of Munitions, this family friendly exhibition – complete with hands-on gadgets – commemorates David Lloyd George’s visit to Manchester where his rally call for the city’s makers to step up their war effort resulted in the overwhelming support from the ordinary factory worker to the most eminent scientists and engineers.

Wellcome Image Awards 2015
Running until 2016
Station Building
Suitable for all ages

For the second year running, the Museum of Science & Industry is delighted to be one of just a handful of UK science centres and venues selected by the Wellcome Trust, to exhibit the winning entries in the prestigious and coveted Wellcome Image Awards. Showcasing the best in science imaging talent and techniques, these 20 brand new and award winning images are on display in the stunning surrounds of the museum’s original and oldest surviving First Class Waiting Room.


4D Cinema

The Lost World 4D
Runs Daily ( every 20 minutes)
11am – 3.40pm
£4 adults/£3 concessions

Stressed executive Bob thinks he’s on his way to a deserted island for a relaxing holiday, but finds himself in a lost world inhabited with prehistoric dinosaurs.

Fierce Raptors, flying Pterosaurs, giant Triceratops and the mighty T-Rex roam the land, while Bob and his rescuer Professor Lizzie must outrun them to survive. Take a wild Jeep ride through dense, tropical rainforest, and soar above this forgotten island in the flight of your life.

Museum of Science and Industry
Liverpool Road
Manchester M3 4FP

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