August is set to be a busy month at MOSI with something for pretty much everyone – from computers to cranes, textiles to microscopes and engines to Devil-Holes.

We take a look at what’s on:

PLAY it! Manchester
CLOSES 9 August
From £4 per person – admission fee required for all entrants
90 minute timed sessions at 10.15am, 12pm, 1.45pm, 3.30pm
Get your game face on this summer and play some of the most popular video games of the past 30 years, from Pong and Pac-Man to Minecraft and Halo. Enter multiplayer competitions, take on your friends or family in collaborative games and play on consoles and gaming systems including Atari, Commodore and Spectrum, Megadrive, SNES and Nintendo 64 through to PC, PlayStation and Xbox.
Whether you’re a family dropping in for a 90 minute session, a seasoned gamer making the most of a full-day pass, or a night owl visiting the adult-only evening sessions, the 6 themed zones with more than 120 games and consoles will provide more than enough opportunities to test your skills. So come along and PLAY it!
More details about Play it! at MOSI here



There’s a whole lot of making going on at the Museum of Science and Industry’s summer season running now until Sunday 30 August. Whether a crafting connoisseur, a gaming guru, a tenacious tinkerer or simply seeking a free family day out – there is a jam-packed programme at the museum complete with drop-in workshops, demonstrations, and activities for all ages.

Power Up! Construct-a-Crane Workshop
In 1912, Manchester was going up in the world, thanks to the enormous cranes at Liverpool Road Station. Take on the role of an engineer and build your own mini machine, test and modify your crane, how much weight can your crane take?!
11am until 1pm 
Free/All Ages/Drop-In                                                                
Power Hall


Saturday 25 July – Friday 7 August

Creative Circuits
Tinker away by designing your own circuit, using copper tape and LEDs explore simple electronics by combining art and science together. The possibilities for creating your paper circuits are endless in this interactive family workshop.
2pm until 4pm
Free/All Ages/Drop-In                                                               
Power Hall

Saturday 8 August – Sunday 30 August

Pop-Bottle Microscope Workshop
Walk in the footsteps of Manchester’s John Benjamin Dancer, Victorian pioneer of scientific instruments. Discover the wonder of different materials up close and the science behind microscopes by building your own pop-bottle  microscope in this interactive family workshop.
2pm until 4pm
Free/All Ages/Drop-In                                                               
Power Hall


25 July – 30 August

Inventors Wanted
Come and help Hans & JK win The Big Penny Farthing Race. This fun, interactive storytelling session puts a creative spin on the development of the modern bicycle.
1830 Warehouse 11:30am and 2:30pm (duration 20mins)
Free/Under 8s


Revolution Manchester Show
Manchester built your world. With explosions, flying and even dancing, MOSI will show you how. One problem: they’ll need your help. This interactive, fun show tells the story of how science and industry came together in Manchester, shaping our lives today.
Revolution Manchester Gallery 11am, 12pm, 1pm, and 2pm (duration 15mins)
Free/all ages


Manchester Mills  
What’s a kissing shuttle? Where’s the Devil-Hole? And who’s a scavenger? Learn about the industry that built a city. This thunderous demonstration of historical mill machinery spins and weaves cotton into cloth.
Upper Level, Textiles Gallery, Great Western Warehouse
11.30am & 3pm                                          
All Ages
Duration 30mins

Engine Demonstrations
Towering structures. Thunderous motion. Echoing noise. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of our 19th-century engines which powered the factories during the First World War contributing to the war effort.
Power Hall
11am, 2pm, 3.30pm               
All Ages
Duration 20 mins


Engineer Eric’s Difficult Day
Forgetful Fireman Fred needs help. Learn how a steam engine works and help Fred take his big test in this fun and interactive show. Just don’t let Engineer Eric know.
Power Hall
All ages
Duration 20mins



Pi: Platform for Investigation
Saturday 22 August
Suitable for ages 7+

Pi: #HookedOnMusic
Imagine listening to a catchy tune. When do you nod your head and sing along? That’s the hook, the most memorable part of the song, crafted by songwriters to stick in your head and exploited by DJs to get people onto the dancefloor. Everyone knows the hook when they hear it, but scientists don’t know why.
For a year you have been helping scientists unlock what makes music catchy by playing our online game at Join us as we launch the next phase of the game – a look at how our brains recall catchy music.  Play the game on our ipads, meet the scientist behind the research, take part in our interactive quiz show and dance at our silent disco in the name of science.



3D: Printing the Future
CLOSING 20 September 2015
1830 Warehouse
Suitable for all
Due to popular demand this exhibition has been extended for a second time…and closes next month.
Try it. Perfect it. Print it. Join the 3D printing revolution at MOSI.  From printed knickers and a synthetic heart, to printed pills and skull scaffolds, visit our hugely popular 3D printing exhibition to discover how this revolutionary technology could change your life. Featuring over 500 3D printed objects, this visually stunning installation celebrates and illustrates how 3D printing inspires creativity and ground-breaking design. It is also fitting that these state of the art objects created by one of the most innovative technologies of today are on display in the Museum’s historic 1830 Warehouse, the worlds’ first railway warehouse and thus the most innovative building of its day.


The Innovation Race: Manchester’s Makers Join the First World War
Running until April 2016
Station Building
Recommended for ages 9+
The Innovation Race: Manchester’s Makers Join the First World War features over 30 unique and original never before seen artefacts, images and documents to bring to life the largely untold stories of how Mancunian innovation helped to turn around the outcome of the First World War.  Tied in with the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Ministry of Munitions, this family friendly exhibition – complete with hands-on gadgets – commemorates David Lloyd George’s visit to Manchester where his rally call for the city’s makers to step up their war effort resulted in the overwhelming support from the ordinary factory worker to the most eminent scientists and engineers.

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