Tenille Townes has shared her latest track The Thing That Wrecks You, a duet with the legendary Bryan Adams.

The track offers a preview at the new music which is to come from Tenille Townes.

Speaking about how the duet with the Grammy Award winning Bryan Adams came about, Tenille Townes explained, “I was recording a song for a Hallmark Movie in Vancouver last summer and found myself completely enamoured by the recording space we were in,” remembers Townes. “Later in the day, I found out that it was Bryan Adams’ Warehouse Studio, and I actually ran into Bryan himself on the staircase on my way out. We talked for just a few minutes, and I was so happy to meet him because his path as a fellow Canadian has been incredibly inspiring to me, with a collection of songs that have impacted the world in such a huge way.

“Later that night, I thought about ‘The Thing That Wrecks You,’ a song I’d written a while before with Kate York and Daniel Tashian, and how the spirit of that song made me think about his voice,” she continues. “I decided to go out on a limb and sent him the song along with a letter asking if he might be up for singing on it with me. Fast forward to now, where not only have I gotten to sing with a hero of mine, but I have also found a mentor and friend through this whole adventure. This song is evidence to me that putting a wild thought out in the atmosphere and believing in it is a powerful thing.”

The track was produced by Tenille Townes and her band’s guitarist Jaxon Hargrove.  It was recorded with her touring band in-studio as well as Bryan Adams joining on guitar alongside his vocals.