Tenille Townes has shared her new single, the heartbreak anthem As You Are.

The track marks a shift in sound for the award winning artist with a stronger indie-feel.  Tenille Townes recorded the track in Seattle with Ryan Hadlock.

Speaking about the track and working with Ryan Hadlock, Tenille Townes said, “Ryan Hadlock has space in his productions, where you can hear the air in the room and the emotion inside it, in a way that brings forward a more vulnerable and indie rock feeling.  I was compelled as a fan of his work, and was looking for that edge in the songs we worked on together. I appreciated Ryan’s open approach to letting the production support my expression, and what we made is raw and built around how I play this song just picking up my guitar and I loved meeting the community of musicians around Seattle who record a little unconventionally, digging into parts with a lot of exploration.”

Meanwhile she adds on the lyrical content, “I wrote this song about how I feel when it comes to letting people in.  I tend to keep my guard up high because it’s scary to let somebody in and risk sharing my real self, but this song is what I want to hear when I am feeling that way. When I’m afraid or struggling emotionally, I am the most guarded. At that moment, I need to hear that I can show up exactly as I am.”