Tenille Arts has shared her new track So Do I which features on her upcoming album to be honest.  The track was written by Demi Lovato, Laura Veltz, Sasha Sloan and King Henry who also produced the song.

Speaking about So Do I, Tenille Arts said, “I thought the ‘to be honest’ album was done when I wrote the title track, until I realized something was missing.  I had been trying to communicate what I was going through in a song for over a year… but felt like I kept coming up short. The beautiful and humbling thing about writing music is sometimes someone else can say it better than I can. I heard ‘So Do I’ and it perfectly said exactly what I was thinking and experiencing.

“I am so grateful to Demi Lovato, Sasha Sloan, Laura Veltz, and King Henry for writing this song and allowing me to record it. Somehow my most personal song is one I didn’t even write, which is one of the reasons I love music and songwriters so much. I hope that anyone who listens to this song and relates to it knows that they aren’t alone in what they’re going through… because so do I.”

The track is accompanied by a lyric video which gives a peek into Tenille Arts’ personal journey.

Tenille Arts releases her new album to be honest on 3 May 2024.