Still Corners have announced their fifth studio album The Last Exit and the release of the title track of the album.

The Last Exit is due for release on 22 January 2021 via Wrecking Light Records, promising a hypnotic journey filled with dilapidated towns, mysterious shapes on the horizon, and long trips that blur the line between what’s there and not there.

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The eleven track album features the first single, the title track The Last Exit and a video inspired by the 1975 film Picnic at Hanging Rock, finding Tessa Murray pulled in to the mysterious rocks of Joshua Tree, as she explains, “In a world where everyone thinks all the corners of the map are filled in we like to suggest there’s something beyond that, something eternal in the landscape and in our psyche. Maybe you don’t see it every day but it’s there and that’s what we are trying to connect to.”

The album itself was brought in to focus by the pandemic and the abrupt stop which most of life came to.  “There’s always something at the end of the road and for us it was this album” she elaborates, “Our plans were put on hold – an album set for release, tours, video shoots, travel. We’d been touring nonstop for years, but we were forced to pause everything. We thought the album was finished but with the crisis found new inspiration and started writing again.”

image of Still Corners courtesy Bernard Bur