The last twelve months has seen a number of high-profile gigs and appearances for Sound of the Sirens, building a substantial media interest and fanbase.

Appearances at festivals including Glastonbury, Boardmasters and Carfest helped build this throughout the Summer, before a performance on the first episode of the returning TFI Friday on Channel 4 in October took them to a new level in the public conscious.  Unashamed fan of the band Chris Evans invited them to perform alongside U2 and Take That, in a show which introduced them to a whole new set of fans, and has also welcomed them on to his BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

2016 is set to be another busy year for Exeter-based duo Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood as they get set to perform a number of UK dates, including Manchester’s Soup Kitchen on 4 March.

Sound of the Sirens are a foot-stomping, crowd-engaging female folk/rock duo whose strengths lie in their passion and chemistry. These girls know how to rock a stage, and make you believe in every word they sing. Individually, their voices tell their own tale but when blended together their harmonies leave the listener wanting more, compelled by its magic.

They are an enigmatic and tangible act who write, perform, record and evolve with a truly genuine attitude to an industry they love. The versatility of each original song is a responsive rollercoaster, stealing your attention, creating a furious arm’s in the air festival-vibe that sticks in your head for days. Woven with just enough haunting melancholy to silence an audience; the bitter-sweet lyrics stir the soul with a performance that needs to be experienced live. The duo’s audience rely not only on the energy and diversity of the music, but also on the chemistry between them on stage.

They’re witty and sincere, and it’s this very quality of down-to-earth engagement and communication during performance’s, that has seen their popularity rise substantially over the last few years.

Sound of the Sirens perform at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen on 4 March 2016.

SOUND OF THE SIRENS image credit Mike Alsford