Home, Manchester, presents Partition, a film season providing the context of the issues surrounding Partition in 1947, its legacy on the world today and a reminder that we have the opportunity to learn from history.

The act of Partition in 1947 was a traumatic moment in the history of South Asia, leading to displacement, communalism and forced migration. 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the Partition of India.

As well as a selection of films, Home will enable audiences to take part in a range of events designed to enhance understanding of Partition and its impact including Q&A sessions and talks.

What’s on at Partition at Home, Manchester?

Viceroy’s House
Friday 9 June, 15:45
Dir Gurinder Chadha/GB IN 2017/106 mins/Cert 12A
Gillian Anderson, Michael Gambon, Hugh Bonneville
Chadha’s film deals with complex issues and ideas within the format of a popular, audience pleasing romance set in the Viceroy’s house. As those upstairs plan the Partition India below a romance is blossoming between a couple of servants – one Hindu and one Muslim.

Mango Dreams
Friday 9 June, 18:25
Dir John Upchurch/US 2016/94 mins/CTBA
Ram Gopal Bajaj, Pankaj Tripathy, Sameer Kochhar
A doctor who is beginning to suffer from Alzheimer’s seeks the assistance of a rickshaw driver to find his childhood home. Together they embark on a journey that explores their experiences of post-Partition India.

The Cloud-Capped Star (Meghe Dhaka Tara)
Saturday 10 June, 15:15
Dir Ritwik Ghatak/IN 1960/122 mins/Bengali wEng ST/Cert PG
Supriya Choudhury, Anil Chatterjee, Gyanesh Mukherjee
Partition was a driving force in the life of celebrated filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak. Through its tale of Nita’s struggle to keep her refugee family afloat The Cloud-Capped Star operates as a harsh criticism of the social and economic conditions that arose from Partition.

Qissa: The Tale of a Lonely Ghost + Q&A
Saturday 10 June, 18:00
Dir Anup Singh/DE IN NL FR 213/109 mins/Panjabi wEng ST/CTBA
Irrfan Khan, Tisca Chopra, Tillotama Shome
Irrfan Khan stars a man forced to leave his home and move his family as a result of the Partition of India. Through its story of a man desperate for a son, Qissa deftly explores the psychological as well as the physical impact of Partition.

Following the screening, director Anup Singh will host a Q&A.

The Name of a River (Ekti Nodir Naam) + Q&A
Sunday 11 June, 14:00
Dir Anup Singh/BD IN GB 2002/95 mins/Bengali wEng ST/CTBA
Shibprasad Mukhopadhyay, Shami Kaiser, Supriya Choudhury
Inspired by the work of legendary Indian director Ritwik Ghatak (E-Flat and The Cloud-Capped Star), Anup Singh’s documentary styled drama that uses a love story between a man and a woman crossing the river between Bangladesh and India to explore a range of issues thrown up by the Partition of India.

Following the screening, director Anup Singh will host a Q&A.

One Hour Intro/ Partition on Film
Sunday 11 June, 17:00
This talk will reflect on the imaginings of Partition, notably in Indian cinema, uncovering some of the reasons why there continues to be a relative silence around such a divisive history, how filmmakers have responded and intervened over the years to the events of Partition, and the contested role film has played in helping to come to terms with the traumatic aftermath of Partition. The talk will be supported with sequences from key films on Partition. Led by Omar Ahmed, curator of Not Just Bollywood, which runs at HOME in September 2017.

E-Flat (Komal Gandhar) – pictured above
Sunday 11 June, 18:30
Dir Ritwik Ghatak/IN 1961/134 mins/Bengali wEng ST/CTBA
Supriya Choudhury, Abanish Banerjee, Anil Chatterjee
Director Ghatak once again takes the results of Partition as inspiration for this compelling, allegorical, backstage drama that focuses on two rival theatre companies who have to work together on a production of the classic Shakuntala.

Speaking of the season, Home’s Senior Visiting Curator of Film Dr Andy Willis commented, “This season presents an opportunity for audiences to see a range of films about, as well as inspired by, the events surrounding the Partition of India. Some of these such as Ritwik Ghatak’s 1960 The Cloud-Capped Star are all time classics of Indian cinema, whilst others such as Qissa are contemporary works of some note. Throw in the opportunity to discuss the latter film with its director Anup Singh, who will be present for the weekend, and a one hour introduction to Partition cinema by expert Omar Ahmed and you have what is lining up to be a weekend not to be missed.”

What does the Partition season run at Home, Manchester?

The Partition season of films and events runs at Manchester’s Home from 9-11 June 2017.  The weekend of cinematic representations and responses to the events that divided India, initially creating Pakistan and later Bagladesh, is supported by B&M Retail.