The award winning Theatre-Rites, one of the UK’s most celebrated theatre companies for children, is bring the spirited wintry tale of Beasty Baby to Manchester’s Z-arts.

The production for 3-6 year olds and adults invites the audience into the mischievous world of Beasty Baby, engaging with themes surrounding family and growing up, whilst highlighting the enjoyment of messy play rather than the digital world.

In this production mayhem and laughter await around every corner as three people embark on a wild adventure to bring up a very mischievous and totally lovable child. Using an inspired mix of puppetry and live music Theatre-Rites creates a funny and magical shared experience.

Beasty Baby is a lively celebration of family, growing up and the rituals both children and adults go through in those extraordinary early years of life. It explores the love, chaos and exhaustion that is implicit in the domestic rituals of looking after a child. Starting with the very real objects used in raising a young child, the show explores the playful and transformative qualities that these objects have. A high chair becomes a sleigh, old towelling nappies become snowy mountain peaks, and a cot becomes a percussive instrument. The show helps us uncover the mythical in the mundane and reflects on the joys and revelations of caring for a young child.

Sue Buckmaster, Artistic Director of Theatre-Rites commented “My children are now teenagers – bold, brave, brilliant and sometimes still beastly. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to ponder on the joys and challenges of bringing them into the world and to inspire others to reflect on their adventures of parenting. And I know the kids will have a giggle too!”

Beasty Baby is performed at Z-arts on 28 January 2017 at 11am and 2.30pm.  Tickets £6-£9.