Manchester singer and songwriter Kate Gambhir has released a cover of the S Club 7 anthem Bring It All Back.

The laid back, relaxed cover of the track puts a new perspective on the 1999 hit.  The track shines a new light on the Manchester singer and songwriter, echoing her own journey as an artist and individual.  It follows her decision in 2021, after a period of self-reflection to change her artist name from Kate Anita to her birth name Kate Gambhir.  The decision meant taking all her previous music off streaming platforms, effectively starting to build her audience from scratch again.

Bring It All Back captures the essence of her decision, proclaiming “bring it all back to you” and “hold on to what you try to be, your individuality”.

As she explains, “Growing up as a mixed-race woman with South Asian and Hungarian heritage, all I wanted to do was fit in, but I never felt that I was this or that. Realising the qualities that make me different are my superpower, created confidence and conviction in my music. Growing up in a household where music wasn’t always embraced as a career choice, I see the importance of being true to yourself in your creativity. This value has influenced my music, and I continue to write and share my experiences with the hope that fans will find something in themselves in my lyrics.”