Thomas Truax returns to Manchester for a gig at Night and Day in support of his new album All That Heaven Allows.

The inimitable musician, inventor and polymath released All That Heaven Allows through his own Psycho Teddy imprint on 2 February.  The album marks his ninth full-length release.

All That Heaven Allows marks the culmination of a series of inspirational travels which have seen Truax moving from Germany (after five years based there), locating in the US (and leaving the day after Trump was sworn into office), getting married in Gibraltar and relocating to the UK.

The album marks ten new tracks of Americana with songs littered with trains, flying machines, dreams, romance, shootings, hurricanes, migrants, ‘bad leaders,’ an unfortunate spider, escape, transcendence, alligator shoes and more solid advice from the recurring comforting presence of Thomas’s Granny.

Speaking about the ideology which informed All That Heaven Allows, Truax commented, “There are a lot of flying references in this album. In Freudian dream interpretation, you fly in your dreams when you feel pinned down or trapped in your waking life. A lot is happening in this modern world that is so despicable and overwhelming. Because of technology we can be spectators of all of it all at once, and it may be more than we are capable of ingesting. Our fight-or-flight mechanisms are doing overtime, and I see it in my friends and in myself that this can be psychologically paralyzing. We need to dream and escape to maintain our sanity, but we also can’t ignore the very real problems that may be the death of us if we don’t do whatever we can to try to help solve them. The pursuit of balance between those fights and flights is an underlying theme with this album.”

Where and when does Thomas Truax perform in Manchester?

Thomas Truax performs at Manchester’s Night and Day on 4 March supporting Bob Log III at his Manchester gig.