Maimuna Memon has shared her new track Insomnia, building on quickly from her recent debut single Sinner.

Through the song, Maimuna addresses the intimacy of the small hours with a love interest, looking at the long sleepless nights, the questions which occur and sense of vulnerability.

As she explains, “Insomnia. One sleepless night leads to two, two lead to four, four lead to many more. This song is about the intimacy of sharing a bed with someone and what we learn about them during that time. It is about trust and falling in love. It is about allowing someone to see our most vulnerable moments.”

Maimuna Memon wrote the track which was co-produced alongside Charlie Andrew.  She also performed each instrument which features on Insomnia.

The track further builds on her fast growing reputation as a multi-faceted artist.  She has also scooped The Fringe First Award for her self-written one-woman show Manic Street Culture; and received an Olivier Award nomination for her role in the Richard Hawley musical Standing At The Sky’s Edge.

She is set to shortly launch the debut London run of Manic Street Culture, which documents the process of making an album on stage.  Each song in the show reflects upon a memory of a relationship.

Image of Maimuna Memon courtesy Charlotte Patmore