Izo FitzRoy has shared her new single Give Me The High and announced the release of new album A Good Woman in April.

The releases come ahead of a Manchester gig at Manchester’s Blues Kitchen in May.

Give Me The High lands as Izo FitzRoy builds towards the release of her third album A Good Woman, the follow up to 2017’s Skyline and 2020’s How The Mighty Fall.

The album marks a reflection on her personal journey, a reclamation of what it means to her to be a woman today, becoming disconnected from herself through depression and coming home to herself.

As she explains, “The album is in part autobiographical and takes a wider look at being a woman in a male dominated industry and living in a patriarchal society. I tried to look at the myriad of ways that women, (myself included), have given away their autonomy and power to institutions, labels and people.”

The 14-track album is produced with Oscar De Jong of Dutch electronic act Kraak & Smaak.  “I have been incredibly fortunate to work with Oscar who is not only a phenomenal musician and producer, but he is also an immensely open and supportive collaborator.” She adds, “This album has been a collaborative process from start to finish: from writing and recording, to the final production of each track.”

The first taster of the album landed at the end of last year in the form of God Gets A Little Busy Sometimes, a haunting piano and vocally driven track accompanied by a live performance video.

When does Izo FitzRoy perform at Manchester’s Blues Kitchen?

Izo FitzRoy performs at Manchester’s Blues Kitchen on 18 May 2023.