Imagine Dragons will release their sixth studio album, Loom, in June 2024, previewing it with the track Eyes Closed.

The new album promises to find Imagine Dragons fully embracing their journey of self-discovery.

The diamond-certified Grammy Award-winning quartet produced the nine-track album alongside their long-time collaborators Mattman and Robin.

Last year, the members of Imagine Dragons found themselves with a rare and well-deserved break from the road—perhaps their longest in many years. So, they made the most of it by devoting that time to family and friends. Catalyzed by this respite with a refreshed perspective, the band rallied together in the studio and mined the same well of inspiration that fed their most beloved material. The musicians reflected on the past in order to catapult into a future where stylistic boundaries have disappeared entirely and anything is possible creatively.

Imagine Dragons will release Loom on 28 June 2024.

image of Imagine Dragons courtesy Eric Ray Davidson