Pop newcomer Crybabyamy has shared her new single Validation, her first release since signing with BMG.

The alt-pop track marks her take on the struggle to find a balance between connection that social media provides and the overwhelming attention it demands.

Crybabyamy says, “Validation is a song about being obsessed with the attention we get from posting and being on social media. I see it as an anthem for young people, who are going through the motions of having a love/hate relationship with social media. I know I struggle with the vicious cycle of picking up my phone and putting it down again. Always chasing validation!”

The track was written by Amy in her home studio with additional production from Rob Milton who has previously worked with Holly Humberstone, Maisie Peters and The 1975.

Crybabyamy debuted during the turbulence of 2020 with two songs, process and nobody hears from me anymore, both of which were released on her own Crybaby Records label. They provided a first insight into an artist who is ready to portray the rawest of emotions in her music – but who is also happy to let her music speak for itself.