Cloudy June has shared her new single Devil Is A Woman alongside an official video as she commences a new deal with Columbia and Sony Music.

The new single lands after a string of teasers for the track went viral on Tiktok.

The 24-year-old German/Cuban artist has become a feminist and queer icon through independent releases including FU In My Head, Throw Up When I See Your Face, Mommy Issues and High Waist To HellDevil Is A Woman follows her record for songs which feature blunt, no-holds-barred takes on issues, opening with a church bell whilst Cloudy June asserts that her sexuality won’t be restrained by social conventions or outdated moral expectations.

Speaking about the track, Cloudy June explained, “If a woman who fights for freedom becomes the devil in someone’s eyes, I’d rather go to hell with her than go to their heaven. That’s what ‘Devil Is A Woman’ is about.”

Cloudy June wrote Devil Is A Woman alongside production duo TVVINS and Claudio Maselli.

The single follows the success of this summer’s Unthinkable EP, which confronted taboos whilst picking up millions of streams.

Cloudy June embarks on a European tour in March which includes a London gig at Camden Assembly on 12 April.

image of Cloud June courtesy Frank Koppen