Museum of Science and Industry welcomes back Steam, Sweat and Sewers

Visitors to Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry this half term are set to experience the smells, sounds and sights of Victorian life as Steam Sweat and Sewers returns for nine days from 14th – 22nd February.

The family friendly extravaganza, supported by United Utilities, will bring to life the vibrant, noisy and steam-powered days of 19th Century Manchester and will witness the transformation of the museum’s former railway yard into a colourful and traditional fairground, where visitors will find coconut shys, carousel horses and a helter skelter and will also have the chance to make microscopes using bottles.

In an event which will surely lead to lots of toilet humour, MOSI will give people the chance to discover just how filthy Victorian Manchester really was in the Goo in the Loo exhibit a disturbingly hands-on experience and workshop looking at the city’s drainage systems, whilst more mucky fund can be had at the Punk Science Show on the 17th and 18th February, billed as literally the most disgusting show ever looking at how poo is made to what happens to it afterwards. Expect revolting demonstrations, gross experiments and a bit of comedy, music, voting and plastic balls – count us in!

But not all exhibits are outdoors, inside MOSI will be the Revolution Manchester Show celebrating great Victorian engineering achievements and Pablo Fanque’s Circus – a storytelling session bringing to life tricks and performances from the famous local circus owner.

Natalie Ireland, Head of Public Programmes at MOSI says: “Steam, Sweat and Sewers is the museum’s homage to the city’s Victorian achievements. Our hands-on and creative programme enables us to bring our grade-one listed buildings and site to life to highlight Manchester’s significant scientific and industrial contributions that underpin our modern world.”

Pablo Fanque’s Circus of Dreams
Location: The 1830’S Warehouse
Duration: 20 mins
Times: 10.30am, 11.30am, 1pm, 2pm
Roll up! Roll up! Calling all lion tamers, strongmen, magicians and elephants! Help the children of the mill turn their grim reality into the colourful world of the circus in this fun and interactive storytelling session.

Victorian Engine Demonstrations
Location: Durn Mill Engine, Power Hall
Duration: 20 mins
Times: 11am, 1pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm
Towering structures. Thunderous motion. Echoing noise. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of one of our 19th-century engines. This powerful demonstration introduces the ideas and machines that caused a world-wide revolution.
Title: The Revolution Manchester Show
Location: Revolution Manchester Gallery
Duration: 15 mins
Times: 11am, 12pm 1pm, 2pm
Manchester built our world. With explosion and flying, MOSI will show you how. One problem: they’ll need your help. This interactive, fun show tells the story of how science and industry came together in Manchester, shaping our lives today.

Weaving Workshop
Location: Textiles Gallery
Duration: Drop in
Times: 11am – 1pm
Learn more about the life of a Victorian weaver by making your own cardboard loom and creating your own colourful fabric in this drop-in workshop.

Manchester Mills
Location: Textiles Gallery
Duration: 20 mins
Times: 11.30am,12.30pm,1.30pm,2.30pm
Summary: What’s a flying shuttle? Where’s the Devil-Hole? And who’s a scavenger? Learn about the industry that built a city. This thunderous demonstration of historical mill machinery spins, bobs and weaves cotton into cloth.
Title: Goo in the Loo!
Target Audience: Families (8+)
Location: 1830 Warehouse, Mezzanine Level
Duration: 20 min
Times:  10.30am,12pm,1.30pm,3pm
Workshop limited to 30 people, first come-first served. 1 ticket per family (max 4 people)
If you want to learn just how filthy Victorian Manchester really was then join us in this messy hands-on workshop. It will be slippery, slimy and absolutely Sludgetastic!

Victorian Photo Booth
Target Audience: All
Location: Main Entrance
Times: Drop in
Ever wondered what you would have looked like if you had been born in Victorian Manchester? Come along to the Victorian photo booth to find out. You can try on all manner of Victorian outfits and accessories from bonnets to beards and everything in between.

Victorian Fairground
Target Audience: All
Location: Outdoors on the Upper Yard
Times: 10.30pm -5.00pm
Charges apply.
The fairground is coming to MOSI this February giving you a chance to experience authentic Victorian rides and try your hand at traditional fairground games.

Pop-Bottle Microscope Workshop
Location: Power Hall Platform
Duration: Drop in
Times: 2pm – 4:30pm
Walk in the footsteps of Manchester’s John Benjamin Dancer, Victorian pioneer of scientific instruments. Discover the wonder of different materials up close and the science behind microscopes by building your own pop-bottle microscope in this interactive family workshop.

Punk Science Presents: The Most Disgusting Show in the World
Location: Revolution Manchester
Duration: 30 mins
Dates: February 17 and 18
Times: 12pm and 2pm
Meet the Science Museum’s resident comedy team as they take you on a journey into literally the most disgusting show ever, from how poo is made to what happens to it afterwards. There will be revolting demonstrations and gross experiments and a bit of comedy, music, interactive voting and probably some plastic balls.


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