Tom Zanetti has shared his new single Spend The Night featuring vocals from co-writer Laurena Volante.

The new track finds the singer, songwriter, MC< producer and promoter reflecting on his roots in Leeds and the Sleepin’ is Cheatin’ nightlife brand.  It features vocal hooks, house energy, rhymes and nods to his back story.

Speaking about the track, Tom Zanettei said, “This is a lil groove I wrote around Laurena’s amazing chorus, I‘m a big fan of her voice and hope people enjoy.”

Tom Zanetti’s life is a story in itself. He started out by making his own CDRs of him rapping over bassline instrumentals, but he didn’t realise the impact he was making until he found a market stall doing roaring business by selling bootleg copies of his CDs. He was just 16 when he discovered he was going to become a father, and quickly moved to be able to support his future child by making his passion for music an entrepreneurial pursuit. Working to bring people together 24/7 – he rose to the challenge by launching immensely popular club nights, parties and festivals in Leeds and beyond, eventually taking them across Europe.

His artist career then got underway with breakthrough hits including You Want Me, Flight Mode, More & More and Darlin before he landed a #14 summer smash with Didn’t Know in 2021. He has also collaborated with numerous high profile artists, recently adding Bad Boy Chiller Crew to the likes of MK, Chris Lorenzo, Preditah and White N3rd.