Following the release of their new album Irish Rock ‘n’ Roll, The Mary Wallopers will headline at Manchester Academy 2 on Saturday.

Irish Rock ‘n’ Roll marks the band’s second album and landed ahead of a huge UK tour which also takes in Liverpool’s O2 Academy.  The album follows last year’s hugely acclaimed self-titled debut.

The thirteen track album captures the chaos, humour and excitement of their live shows but also contrasts this with traditional ballads including Wexford, the second single from the album.

Speaking about the track, The Mary Wallopers’ Andrew Hendy explained, “The song was written by Pecker Dunne, who was a travelling musician. He brought so many songs into circulation over the years he played, you’ll have heard the Dubliners playing a lot of his songs. He came from a line of travelling musicians. His father was a fiddle player and his mother was a tightrope walker, the whole family’s trade was entertainment.  Wexford is one of the most beautiful songs in the ballad tradition. He wrote it about growing up in Wexford. It touches on his upbringing and on the grief that travellers suffer in Ireland which is something that’s not really talked about much. It’s an incredible, emotional song. We’ve always gravitated towards that side of folk music – the most accessible side of music, the kind you can just stand on the street singing. Pecker Dunne wrote so many funny songs, which makes it even more hard hitting when he’d sing a song like this.”

The Mary Wallopers were formed by brothers Charles and Andrew Hendy and their friend Sean McKenna who began traveling the length and breadth of Ireland singing and collecting songs. During lockdown, they build up a huge online following playing livestreams from their home studio. In the years since, the band have expanded to a seven piece.

When do The Mary Wallopers headline at Manchester Academy 2?

The Mary Wallopers headline at Manchester Academy 2 on 11 November 2023.  They headline at Liverpool’s O2 Academy on 18 November.


Image of The Mary Wallopers courtesy Sorcha Frances Ryder