The Dollyrots have shared the new video for their track Alligator which features on new full-length album Night Owls.

Night Owls finds the Dollyrots delivering a string of tracks ranging from high-energy punk to introspective ballads.

Latest track Alligator is one which the band (Kelly Ogden on bass and vocals and Luis Cabezas on guitar and vocals) have curiously described as the most adolescent song on the album.  It’s one which harks back to their time growing up outside Tampa.  As Luis Cavezas explains, “Alligator is the most adolescent song on Night Owls, and we don’t really mean it from a writing, production, or music standpoint. It’s more about the frame of reference, the imagery that takes us back to growing up in a small town outside of Tampa. We had nothing to do but play guitars & hang out next to lakes, never really fitting in but dreaming of a time and place where we might.”

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The video lands as the band prepare to head out on tour with Bowling For Soup and Lit in January.  The dates mark a runion for the bands who last year toured the UK.  As Kelly Ogden adds, “Going on tour with Bowling for Soup again feels like a family reunion! A lot of The Dollyrots’ early touring was spent with BFS, and we learned so much about being a good band on and off the stage from them. Got to tour the UK with them and Lit last year and it was too much fun. Can’t wait to do it again.”

image of The Dollyrots courtesy Jen Rosenstein