Rising Nashville artist Redferrin has shared his debut EP Old No. 7, inspired by the famous whiskey.

The EP’s seven songs were co-written and co-produced by Redferrin himself.  The EP opens with the track Jack and Diet Coke, the initial inspiration for the EP’s overall theme.  Jack and Diet Coke marked Redferrin’s biggest song to date, charting on Spotify’s Viral 50 and surpassing 30 million streams.

Old No. 7 continues with Lose Her For Nothin’, inspired by his late mother; She’s Like Whiskey, inspired by his dog Mellow; together with rock rooted Just Like Johnny and Champagne In The Morning and the previously released Miss Summer and Doin’ Life.

Speaking about the EP, Redferrin said, “It’s a pretty cool pairing and a really cool vibe, and it feels like all seven songs are really me.  I’m talking about White House, Tennessee, and I’m talking about my favourite whiskey. It’s real stories about real heartbreaks. I poured my heart into this music. Honestly can’t believe it’s all happening; this is a dream come true. A sold-out hometown show the night before I drop my first project. Definitely a week I will never forget.”