Manchester pop poet Belowsky is gearing up to release his first single on Alan McGee’s Creation 23 label.

The track, 2020 Ball Drop, focuses on the car crash year that has been 2020!

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A spoken word artist, playwright, author, stand-up comic gets on his soapbox to have a say on the year when the single drops in December.  Part rant, part poem, 2020 Ball Drop sums up where 2020 went wrong.  As he explains, “The lyrics came to me in a flash during this Covid19 pandemic, yet it really transpired from the news.  Absorbing all this information from CNN and other news outlets over the last year. In my mind I kept seeing the New York Ball Drop [on New Year’s Eve] and everything was on track as usual for the year. But in March the world stopped. 2020 Ball Drop is really a play on words…”

The track takes listeners on a whirlwind trip through the year, taking in vaccines, Covid-19, herd immunity, tech giants, tear-gas and bullets.  2020 Ball Drop saw Belowsky working alongside producer Nicko Mezzino, who wrote the music, mixed and produced whilst the poet supplied the words.  The track is set to be one of the final releases on Alan McGee’s Creation23 label.

2020 Ball Drop is released on 18 December 2020.