Lucy Gaffney has announced her new EP Daydream In Tokyo which she will release on 29 September via Nettwerk.

To co-incide the announcement she has also revealed the video for new indie-pop single and title track Daydream In Tokyo.

The Belfast native began releasing solo material in 2020, with two well-received lo-fi offerings recorded by The Coral frontman James Skelly.

Title track Daydream In Tokyo was written whilst Lucy Gaffney was living in Liverpool.  It marks an escapist anthem exploring how a sense of place far beyond can be an antidote for the mundane.  The track finds her channelling her favourite film, Lost In Translation.

Speaking about how she takes inspiration from scenes and places, Lucy Gaffney explains, “I’ve always adored and been fascinated by its cinematography.  There’s so much depth in the mystery and ambiguity of discovering a foreign place. I find it hard not to completely relate to every scene. I can’t write unless there’s something inspiring me visually, so I wanted it to capture the aesthetic of the movie and, in a similar way, translate a relatability in everyday thoughts and relationships between people.

Sonically, the track hints at the dark, blended with upbeat pop music.  “There’s a side of me that really likes writing in a darker way,” says Gaffney. “but there’s also a side to me that absolutely loves pop music and that feeling of elation when you are having a moment where you’re really up for a dance, and really rocking out to a tune. I was so heavily into the Cure and the Smiths, where every song is catastrophizing your own life, so that’s definitely worked its way into some of my writing. At the same time, making it pop is so much fun. It’s always been the big track that has turned me onto bands and got me hooked. It’s the lesser-known tracks that I fall in love with. The sad stuff is what you’ll give time to once you’re hooked on the tracks that make you feel elated. ‘Daydream In Tokyo’ is a song I want people to hear, then they can dig deeper.”

Lucy Gaffney will release the 5-track EP Daydream In Tokyo on 29 September 2023.

Image of Lucy Gaffney courtesy Charlotte Patmore