KillerStar have shared the latest track from their up-coming self-titled debut album in the form of Got Me All Wrong.

The track features on the longplayer which is due for release on 1 March.

Got Me All Wrong follows on from previous singles Falling Through and Should’ve Known Better, grasping art-rock and looking at it through a contemporary eye.  The track features Rob Fleming (vocals, guitar, synths) and James Sedge (drums) alongside guests from the David Bowie band Earl Slick (guitar), Gail Ann Dorsey (bass), Mike Garson (piano) and Emm Gryner (backing vocals).

Speaking about the track Rob Fleming said “Got Me All Wrong has a groove and a high energy reflective of the lyrics and playful joy of the tune. James and I are joined by ex-David Bowie bandmates and collaborators Earl Slick, Gail Ann Dorsey, Mike Garson and Emm Gryner. It was fantastic to have them come together again and work on this new music with us and throughout the whole album. The song ends with something of a musical tour de force of angular crunchy guitar riffs and a virtuoso signature piano solo from Mike.”

The track is accompanied by a video featuring vials inspired by the 1920’s and a performance from Sophie Allen.  The video is directed by JJ Eringa who added, “What I loved most about the song was its brilliant contrast of angular guitars with swirling sequences that are really quite hypnotic. This video uses sequences from Dada films by Hans Richter, Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray, which I love because this video is an opportunity to do a variation on what they were doing back then, recontextualising materials for a new purpose and giving them new life! This is all built around a brilliant central performance from Sophie Allen, who captured the exact balance of playfulness and undeniable cool that I was looking for, and which I think is present in the song too.”