Indie-pop sister trio Joseph have announced their new album The Sun will be released in April.  The announcement comes as the band release new track Nervous System.

The Sun marks Joseph’s fourth studio album and will be released on 28 April.  The Oregon-based band are launching into a new direction with fresh collaborators, self-reliance and a newly emboldened sound.

The album features the freshly released Nervous System which was co-written with Tayla Parx and Wynne Bennett.  The track is an anthem about life-lines, as the band explain, “it’s about self regulating and tending to ourselves with presence and compassion, rather than frantically reaching outside of ourselves.”  Allison continues, “I’ve struggled with a lot of anxiety over the years, at times a constant inner storm, and it’s been easy to look outside myself to feel safe and secure. I’ve fought to find my inner peace, and through that process I’ve found that so much of the time I already have what it takes to calm my nervous system.”

“All of our therapists were a huge influence on this album,” says the band. In the making of the 10-track album, Natalie Closner and her sisters, twins Meegan Closner and Allison Closner focused their soul-searching songwriting on the quietly damaging forces that keep us from living fully in our truth (e.g., gaslighting, cultural conditioning, unconscious yet painfully limiting self-beliefs).

Image of Joseph courtesy Shervin Lainez