Joe Hicks will headline at Manchester’s The Castle in support of his debut album The Best I Could Do at the Time.

The blues, pop and folk influenced artist released The Best I Could Do at the Time in September.  The album features the singles Mirror Mirror and One More Step which picked up critical acclaim earlier this year.

Across the album’s collection of heart on sleeve tracks, are pop influences, bright guitars, layered harmonies, folk, blues and Americana notes.

Speaking about the album, Joe Hicks said, “The Best I Could Do at the Time is a journey through many of the emotional peaks and troughs we go through as humans… It’s about acknowledging them, living in those feelings for a while and ultimately finding the hope we all have within us to take control and rise above the worst of them. The album is a real deep dive into all of my influences. Having to write 11 songs forced me to follow the thread of many ideas that stylistically I would have shunned in the past, and led to some of my favourite songs on there.”

The album was in some ways not meant to be … yet.  Joe Hicks originally set about writing another EP but the persistent encouragement of producer Sam Winfield pushed him to put the whole album together.

The Best I Could Do at the Time features euphoric moments such as album opener Sail Away, contrasting with slower folk moments complete with heartfelt lyrics, typified by Pieces, an ode to ending a toxic relationship.

When does Joe Hicks headline at Manchester’s The Castle?

Joe Hicks headlines at The Castle on 9 November 2022.  Tickets are available now.