Jake Isaac has shared his latest single Still Have You, which finds him assessing his life and the things he holds dear.

Jake Isaac wrote, produced and performed the track himself, layering an intimate backdrop of delicate acoustic guitar with a back to basics feel.

Still Have You follows on from his previous single Start Again which earned a string of acclaim and support from taste pickers, media and musical icons.

Speaking about new track I Still Have You, Jake Isaac said, “I wrote ‘Still Have You’ on a Sunday afternoon, sitting by the kitchen table with the washing machine on in the background and the children playing in the garden, and it was about the realisation of what really matters. The older I get, the more I think: I might not be as rich as Mark Zuckerberg, but kids, my missus, a roof over our heads… I know what’s important.”

Jake Isaac is set to release further music in the near future and has two film projects in development.  He has been cast in a supporting role in ‘Goodbye Stranger’, an upcoming music-themed film from Dutch director Aaron Rookus, and he has also been working on his own screenplay, a redemptive story about fatherhood and family dynamics.