Henge are heading back to Manchester with their new album Alpha Test 4 for two gigs at Band on the Wall.

The Manchester gigs include a matinee family friendly show and evening gig for the band who occupy a space between prog-rock and rave.

The tour comes after Henge released their new single Self-Repair Protocol alongside an animated video.  The track features 8-bit synthesisers and vocoded humanoid vocals as it tells the tale of a malfunctioning robot crashlanding on an alien planet and setting out to repair itself.

Drawing a comparison will real life, Henge frontman Zpor said of the single, “Self-Repair Protocol is a charming little vignette written from the perspective of a malfunctioning robot, which could read as a metaphor for self-care…”

The accompanying stop-motion video comes from first-time directors Katy-Anne Bellis and Collen Chandler.  The video made the official selection for the Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival, Madrid Indie Film Festival and New York International Film Awards.

Self-Repair Protocol is cut from intergalactic prog-raver’s third album Alpha Test 4, a fresh collection of their definitive “cosmic dross” compositions.

Zpor added of the album, their third studio release, “Alpha Test 4 is our third Planet Earth LP release. With each record we have sought to fine tune our extraterrestrial sounds for human ears, optimising these alien frequencies in order to more effectively access the pleasure sensors in the Sapien brain.

“We believe that the wisest lifeforms are always open to new learning, and we have been conducting our own studies on the human beings that we’ve encountered on Earth so far.

“We have discovered that exposure to this alien music can have a profound effect on the human nervous system, and have recorded an average increase of 72% in the happiness levels of human specimens attending our experiments.”

When do Henge headline at Manchester’s Band on the Wall?

Henge headline at matinee and evening gig at Band on the Wall on 4 November 2023.