Kelly Jones’ new band Far From Saints have shared their new single Screaming Hallelujah.  The track will feature on their forthcoming self-titled debut album.

The new band, comprised of the Stereophonics singer along with Patty Lynn and Dwight Baker from The Wind and The Wave are back with their third release.  Previous tracks Let’s Turn This Back Around and Take It Through The Night have already picked up strong praise and critical acclaim.

Now they have returned with new single Screaming Hallelujah, the opening track from their upcoming self-titled album.  The album will be released on 16 June.

The track offers a message of acceptance and grace towards a loved one going through a difficult period of transition.

As Patty Lynn explains, “I was thinking about how we should try to grow right along with them, because they’re still here.”

Whilst Kelly adds, “It’s about change and growth, but with all the struggles that come with that. With every song I write, I try to write about the whole struggle but leave a light at the end of the tunnel.”

The track is accompanied by a video directed by Kelly Jones featuring live footage of the band’s first major show at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

image of Far From Saints courtesy Sophia French