After releasing her latest single Little Fictions, Danni Nicholls will headline tonight at The Met, Bury.

Danni Nicholls released Little Fictions last week, with the track born from a persistent, niggling feeling of doubt.  Written in 2020 alongside co-writer Rebekah Powell (known for her work with Zooey Deschanel, Ward Thomas and Sarah Darling), Little Fictions tells of self-doubt, doubt of life’s journey and doubt about relationships.  It dips in to the anxiety inducing inner voices which block us, those little fictions we tell ourselves to our own detriment … and the battle to defeat them.

The multi-award nominee emerged from the pandemic with a new mindset and the resolve to not pay attention to those Little Fictions and the voices of self-doubt.  Citing Brandi Carlile and KT Tunstall as important personal and musical influences, she is proud to be counted amongst the increasing list of LGBTQIA+ identifying artists and recognises the importance of representation.

Danni Nicholls recorded Little Fictions in Nashville at Yackland Studioes where her first two records were made.  Composer Johnny Parry then arranged and recorded the strings in the UK.

Speaking about the track Danni Nicholls said, “Johnny is one of my closest friends and was a huge support throughout the pandemic. We spent much time in a lockdown bubble group talking about how great it would be to work together on this song and it has turned out better than I could’ve dreamed. He’s an incredible talent. To be heading back out on tour with my band and a brand new single after so long is extremely exciting and empowering. I’m so glad to finally share Little Fictions. I hope it brings some joy and comfort.”

When does Danni Nicholls headline at The Met Bury?

Danni Nicholls headlines at The Met, Bury on 29 April 2022.  She will then perform at Liverpool’s Philharmonic on 4 May 2022.

Manchester gigs – Danni Nicholls – image courtesy Laura Palmer