Crawlers have announced the release of their debut album The Mess We Seem To Make.  The album will land on 16 February 2024.

To celebrate the announcement, the band have also shared the video for their new single Would You Come To My Funeral.  The video is directed by Callum Lloyd-James and features the quartet acting as pallbearers at a funeral which takes an unusual twist.

Speaking about the new album, Crawlers’ singer Holly Minto said, “This album debut comes from us honing our craft, being vulnerable with each other, finding our sound and saying exactly what we wanted to. I think that’s a lot of what the Crawlers sound is, being honest with each other about how to get the correct emotions out – trying, failing, and pushing each other to keep playing and writing to the limits.”

The album is set to take on the subjects of trauma, sexual politics, mental health and life as a young person alongside feelings of loneliness, insecurity and dependence.

The Mess We Seem To Make features 12 tracks and will be available on various formats including deluxe CD, white vinyl, blue splatter vinyl and silver glitter cassette.

Liverpool gigs – Crawlers – image courtesy Claryn Chong