Singer and songwriter Ber has shared her new track the semi-revenge tinged Your Internet Sucks.

As Ber explains, the song, which accompanied by a lyric video, is aimed at a boy who broke her heart.  “Your Internet Sucks is an ode to the boy who broke my heart” she confesses, “I don’t wish him the worst, but I do wish him minor inconveniences.  For example, when he’s playing Fortnite, I hope his internet sucks.”

The track features on Ber’s upcoming EP Halfway, which is due for release on 17 February.  “I wrote this 6-song EP about not being over a boy that ghosted me (but really trying to be),” Ber recalls. “They all come from that funny and uncomfortable place in between heartbreak/happy and paint a picture of how I felt when I finally felt like I was Halfway through my breakup.”

Your Internet Sucks follows on from Ber’s previous releases Halfway, Boys Who Kiss You in Their Car and Superspreader, which feature on her Halfway EP.

Originally hailing from Bemidji, Minnesota, Ber spent most of her early adult life residing in the U.K. before moving back home in 2021 where she lived in her uncle’s basement. During this unexpected transition, Ber began to create her debut EP, And I’m Still Thinking About That, remotely while collaborating with the likes of Sfven, Hazel English and Hot Dennis. Upon its release, the lead single, Meant To Be, immediately went viral and has since amassed over 60 million streams globally.

image of Ber courtesy Sawyer Brice