Z-arts, Manchester’s venue for children and families is set to open an exciting new interactive experience. Step into the world of Michael Rosen’s Bear Hunt, Chocolate Cake and Bad Things and explore the fantastic stories and poems of former Children’s Laureate and bestselling writer Michael Rosen. Children and families can discover immersive environments inspired by We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Chocolate Cake, The Book of Bad Things and Uncle Gobb and the DreadShed.

Step inside a huge Chocolate Cake, discover a secret larder, swishy swashy through a Bear Hunt and explore Bad Things in the Dread Shed. Younger children will be able to participate in a Bear Hunt trail whilst older children can go on a fun fact finding mission and create poems of their own to take away. Michael has collaborated on the project, and the exhibition will feature hidden rooms where clues can be found that reveal the inspiration behind Michael’s writing, including his Grandparents’ sitting room and his childhood classroom.

Award winning author Michael Rosen says: “This exhibition is one of the most exciting things to have happened in my writing career. I am someone who has found a way of writing that is often about digging up stuff to do with my past and here it is made into a giant exhibition that families and schools will be able to explore. Just as exciting for me, as someone who works with children and students, is the idea that this exhibition will act as a springboard for children, teachers and parents to talk together about things that they remember or think up, and this, I hope, will turn into writing and performing new poems and stories. I am so looking forward to it.”

Michael Rosen’s Bear Hunt, Chocolate Cake and Bad Things will reflect Michael’s energy and passion for education, creativity and writing. Michael Rosen’s Bear Hunt, Chocolate Cake and Bad Things will be touring the country from summer 2016, beginning in Cornwall before travelling to Z-arts, 24 September – 17 December. The exhibition is created, produced and designed by Discover.

Bear Hunt, Chocolate Cake and Bad Things runs at Z-arts on Saturdays from 17 September – 17 December 2016.  Tickets £7.  Ages 0-11.