Want to have your say on a Manchester gig?  Just caught the best play you’ve seen for years?  Or maybe that musical didn’t quite hit the spot.

We’re giving you the chance to share your views on what you’ve seen and heard in Manchester.

Submit a review and we may feature it on our website.  We will, of course, give you the credit!

What do you need to do?

Just email your review over to us at youReview@live-manchester.co.uk along with your twitter handle so that we can credit you as well as the name of the event, date and location.  Please also let us have your full name

What should the review format and contents be?

It’s flexible – this is your review!  All we ask is you keep it fair, honest and objective – just because something’s not to your taste, doesn’t automatically mean it’s terrible!  As a general rule, don’t go over 400 words.

Needs some inspiration – we’re put together a few tips if you’re unsure how to approach your review

  • Keep it in the present tense. It reads better and helps the reader feel as if they are there
  • Pick out the highlights – what worked best
  • Let people know what didn’t work so well, but be fair about it
  • If it’s a Manchester gig, say what the musical focus was on – did the act put the emphasis on new material and how did it fare; was this very much a greatest hits; were there any glaring omissions?
  • Mention the crowd – crowd reaction is a huge part of any Manchester gig or theatre show … were they attentive, rowdy or disinterested?
  • Say if anything particularly unusual or memorable happened – was there a particular moment of interaction with the crowd which stood out; was there a massive blooper and how did they recover from it
  • What was the visual aspect of the production like? Whether it’s a gig, musical or a play there’s always something to say about visuals – what was the stage setting like; were there any special effects; did these detract or enhance what was taking place on the stage?

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