Waterside’s annual, experimental summer festival returns later this month for ten days of performance, music and events.

The Trafford arts festival is now in its fifth year of transforming the spaces insider and outside Waterside to offer visitors innovative ways to experience live comedy, music, dance, performance and theatre.

Refract: 22 is set to deliver music from the likes of Riot Jazz (pictured above), Harriet Dagnall, Kabantu and Manchester band Foxglove amongst others as they deliver a programme of folk, indie, jazz and more.

Foxglove at The Castle Manchester

Foxglove at The Castle Manchester

Theatrical highlights are set to come from the Edinburgh Fringe hit Like Animals, performed by Superfan; The Formidable Lizzie Boone; dance-based show Quite Unfit for Females; and acrobatic company Mimbre who will perform Lifted (pictured top).

Refract: 22 will also deliver a selection of kid friendly shows including Splat, a full inclusive physical comedy show featuring chaos and joy but no wods; Groove Sensations – a sensory voyage for the under 3s; and Groove into the Woods, a jazz and funk fuelled family adventure into the deep dark woods.

There is also comedy from likes of Joe Rooney who brings a night of all things Father Ted!

When does Refract: 22 run at Waterside?

Refract: 22 runs at Waterside from Thursday 21 – Saturday 30 July.