Manchester’s Pankhurst Centre is celebrating the legacy of Lydia Becker, one of the leaders of the suffrage movement.

The venue will host a talk about Lydia Becker to mark International Women’s Day 2023.

Sharing the story of Lydia Becker is author Joanna M Williams, who will be bringing her book The Great Miss Lydia Becker: Suffragist, Scientist and Trailblazer from the page to the Pankhurst parlour. Manchester born Lydia was a pioneer in every way; she entered into the world of politics with her views, talks, publications and lobbying at a time when the idea of women being involved with politics was seen by many as preposterous. The founding of the Manchester Women’s Suffrage Committee was one of many firsts by Lydia, whose influence was such that by the time of her death in 1890 the enfranchisement of women was seen as a distinct possibility. Lydia knew Emmeline Pankhurst’s father, Richard, and at the age of 15 Emmeline went to her first public gathering and here she would hear Lydia speak.

The evening will be opened by all-female string quartet Vulva Voce.  The quartet describe themselves as a “genre-defying string quartet that brings exciting, dynamic performances of music composed by women and underrepresented voices to spaces and venues beyond the concert hall.”  Vulva Voce is made up of Julia Sandros-Alper, Georgina MacDonell-Finlayson, Nadia Eskandari and Lucy McLuckie all multi-award winning former students of Manchester’s Royal Northern College of Music.

When will Manchester’s Pankhurst Centre be celebrating the legacy of Lydia Becker?

Manchester’s Pankhurst Centre will be celebrating the legacy of Lydia Becker on 8 March.  Tickets are priced £10 with proceeds going to support the upkeep of Emmeline Pankhurst’s former home.