O. have shared their debut album WeirdOs ahead of a huge run of European and UK tour dates including Manchester Psych Fest.

As well as the album, the duo have also released their new single TV Dinners.

Speaking about the album, the duo of baritone saxophonist Joe Henwood and drummer Tash Keary said, “Our debut album is a tribute to the joys of being weird. Titled after someone at one of our first shows enthusiastically told us that we make ‘music for weirdos’, this is a culmination of our first few years as a band making odd music with odd instrumentation. WeirdOs, we feel, describes the collection of tunes, us as people, and the people who enjoy our music. Long live the strange.”

The album lands after a time spent honing the sound through a residency at Brixton’s The Windmill.  They also perform support slots across the UK and Europe with black midi and Gilla Band.

WeirdOs also follows the release of their debut EP Slice which landed last November.  Speaking about the album and it’s precursor Slice, Tash Keary added, “Slice is a snapshot of different sides of the band, it’s a playful taster.  Whereas with the album, we’re getting louder and more intense, experimenting with noise and our metal influences. It’s a full, freeing force.”

The new 10-track album again features production from Dan Carey.  Recorded live to tape, WeirdOs features dancefloor drops, jazz lines and doom metal.

When do O. perform at Manchester Psych Fest?

O. perform at Manchester Psych Fest on 31 August 2024.

Image of O. courtesy Holly Whitaker