Nina Nesbitt has unveiled new track I’m Coming Home which features on her upcoming fourth studio album Mountain Music.

Nina Nesbitt will release Mountain Music on 27 September.

I’m Coming Home lands alongside an official visualiser and is inspired by Bruce Springstreen.  As Nina Nesbitt explains, “I’m Coming Home is a song for rolling down the windows, driving up the dirt roads on your way back home. I was inspired by some old Bruce Springsteen songs and a lot of the US folk music I was listening to when making the album but I’d never heard a song about growing up in a Scottish village, so I wanted to add my own narrative to all the classic ‘coming home’ folk songs. It’s an ode to my Scottish roots.”

The track follows Nina Nesbitt’s previous releases Pages, On The Run and Mansion.

In addition to the digital release, Nina will release exclusive Roadtrip Bundles.  The bundles include a signed copy of the new 12-track album on CD or vinyl, cassette, bumper sticker.  There will also be a run of specially commissioned Mountain Music maps, designed by artist Sarah Obtinalla.  They are available to pre-order now on her official online store.

Speaking further about Mountain Music, Nina Nesbitt added, “I’m beyond excited to be releasing my new album, Mountain Music, on 27th September. To me, it feels like the most authentic and honest piece of work I’ve created so far. I was inspired by a lot of the American folk music I grew up listening to, and revisiting it made me fall back in love with writing music again. I knew I wanted to take inspiration but to also write my own story. That being, someone with a female perspective who grew up in a Scottish village and spent her turbulent twenties in London. This album celebrates that small town girl, puts an arm around the big city twenty-something and looks back at the view with me now from the calm and the quiet. It’ll be the first release on my own record label, Apple Tree Records, which I’m delighted about. It feels like the perfect time to take full control of my career and put my stake in the ground as the artist I’ve always dreamed of being. Mountain Music held my hand through some of my hardest moments and I hope it can hold yours too.”

Nina Nesbitt has also now confirmed that she will support Stevie Nicks at London BST Hyde Park on 12 July.

image of Nina Nesbitt courtesy Wolf James