Manchester’s People’s History Museum is decorating key objects from their collection with Rosettes highlighting interesting facts about general elections.

Ahead of the general election on 4 July People’s History Museum adorned objects with PHM Pink rosettes.  The move will allow visitors to identify objects covering the last 130 years of elections.

The People’s History Museum is home to the country’s largest collection of campaign, political and election material.  Now the General Election Trail picks out some of the twists and turns which have taken place.  The exhibition covers the figures involved and the evolution of British democratic history.

Speaking about the trail, PHM Collections Manager Lisa Peatfield said, “General elections in Britain have always been fascinating events that reveal so much about society and its values. Many of the stories that feature along the General Election Trail are a reminder of how important the right to vote is, and how hard fought achieving it was for so many people. There’s lots to discover and which we also hope will inspire people to use their vote on 4 July.”

Manchester Museums - Peoples History Museum

Manchester Museums – Peoples History Museum

What is on display at General Election Trail at People’s History Museum?

The collection includes posters, pamphlets and postcards which date back to 1920.  PMH is using these to show the contrast with the campaign material which is used today.

There is also a copy of the 1951 Campaigning Politician’s Guide, a pocket-sized manual that was produced by the Conservative Party.  The manual covered all the subjects a campaigning politician would need to know; from the current economic situation to foreign affairs, housing, health, food, local government and defence.

In the galleries the brightly coloured rosettes will pick out objects that are part of the trail.  QR codes will provide more information with held and large print text versions of the information also be available on site.

The earliest election featured is 1895, which was the first to be contested by the Independent Labour Party.  The party was led by Keir Hardie and was one of the forerunners of the modern Labour Party.  At this time general elections were held over several days, which continued to be the case until 1918.

Also on display is a Conservative Party rosette from the 1922 general election.  The rosette is designed around a central badge which reads ‘Conservative & Unionist, Onward’.  The rosette features a shamrock, thistle, rose and daffodil to represent Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.

When does the General Election Trail run at People’s History Museum?

The General Election Trail runs at People’s History Museum until 30 September 2024.  The General Election Trail is a free activity that is part of the visitor experience at People’s History Museum and is designed with visitors aged 12+ in mind.