Frankie Beetlestone will headline at YES Manchester in September in support of his new EP Ignorance Is Bliss which lands in August.

The EP features Frankie Beetlestone’s recently released single Something To Say.  The track finds Frankie embracing the feeling of falling in love through groves, riffs and vocals.  As he explains, “I wanted to write a song about two people from different worlds who immediately hit it off. A “meet cute” song if you will (pardon me while I throw up all over my iPhone as I write that). In all honesty, at that time I was waking up and listening to “Common People” by Pulp every day. I think if I had a gun to my head I’d say that’s the best pop song ever written.”

The track features on his upcoming EP Ignorance Is Bliss.  The album took shape as the artist relocated from his hometown of Sheffield to London.  The EP latches on to the transformative time which ensued, juggling two jobs with writing and recording sessions; self-discovery; determination and ultimately survival.

During the sessions Frankie and producer Josef Page sought to find their ultimate sound.  Eventually that took shape, drawing on influences including Pulp, The Strokes, The Smiths and More.  “We wanted to make what our new favourite band would sound like in 2024,” he says. “That was the goal.”

Ignorance Is Bliss follows Frankie Beetlestone’s two previous EPs Tasting The Sky (2021) and Caravan (2023).

When does Frankie Beetlestone release his Ignorance Is Bliss EP?

Frankie Beetlestone releases his Ignorance Is Bliss EP on 9 August 2024.

When does Frankie Beetlestone headline at YES Manchester?

Frankie Beetlestone headlines at YES Manchester on 24 September 2024.  The Manchester gig comes in support of new EP Ignorance Is Bliss.

Image of Frankie Beetlestone courtesy Guy Gooch